Artificial Vertical Garden HyGro Mat

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Nature, best imitated

HyGro™Mat brings a touch of green to your space all year long. Specially designed to offer aesthetic solutions for modern buildings. Suitable for indoors and outdoors environments. Super lightweight, thin-profiled(20mm) & anti-UV. No maintenance, no watering, no sunlight needed.


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HyGro™Artificial Vertical Garden

Benefits of HyGro Mat

Why Artificial Green Wall?

Besides being at the cutting edge of design trend, the presence of a vertical garden can also be felt with the increase of urbanization and industrialization in our space today with benefits such as:
  • Improve Aesthetic
  • Green branding
  • No maintenance
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Suitable for indoors or outdoors

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Artificial Vertical Garden HyGro Mat

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